Jeff Beck premieres Right Now from new album Loud Hailer

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Jeff Beck with Carmen Vandenberg and Rosie Bones

Jeff Beck is streaming his track Right Now exclusively with Classic Rock.

It's taken from Beck's upcoming 11th album Loud Hailer, which is due for release on July 15 via Atco Records. Loud Hailer is Beck's first new album in six years.

Beck is featured in the upcoming new issue of Classic Rock magazine, which is out next week. In the interview, he reveals that he and Loud Hailer collaborators Carmen Vandenberg and Rosie Bones got together last December and “sat down by the fire with a crate of prosecco and got right to it."

He adds: “The songs came together very quickly – five in three days.” One of the tracks, The Ballad Of The Jersey Wives, is about the widows of the 9/11 victims.

Beck adds: "We don’t actually make reference to 9/11. The songs are about a general disgruntlement and dissatisfaction with things."

On working with Vanderberg and Bones, Beck says: "When I recruited Carmen to be in the band there wasn’t any design on any vocals, we were going to write instrumentals or whatever.

"But as soon as me and Carmen decided to involve Rosie and she heard my ideas for songs, it just went rocket-powered. To have Rosie’s voice say what I want to say and to do it in the way she’s done it is very satisfying.

"I can only do so much with the tone of the guitar. You cannot beat explicit lyrics like those."

Beck is gearing up to tour the US his memoir BECK01 is available now. His career will be celebrated at the Classic Rock Awards 2016 in Tokyo in November.

Jeff Beck Loud Hailer tracklist

  1. The Revolution Will Be Televised
  2. Live In The Dark
  3. Pull It
  4. Thugs Club
  5. Scared For The Children
  6. Right Now
  7. Shame
  8. Edna
  9. The Ballad Of The Jersey Wives
  10. O.I.L (Can't Get Enough Of That Sticky)
  11. Shrine
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Jeff Beck premieres Right Now from new album Loud Hailer

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